You, who comes to me like the fresh air of Spring

Our journey unfolds rather in a hasty manner, yet we manage to stay strong until this very day. Do you remember how we began our interaction? It was very silly, I admit. Fortunately for me, you do not mind. The first time we share a blanket, I never imagined it would actually be something of a routine. I was quite skeptical because someone just broke my heart and I was not sure if I were ready to start a new adventure. It is a funny (yet blessed) turnout event for us, no? All those midnight talks, the waitings, the tiny to obvious hints, and the surprisingly mindblowing “aku sayang kamu”s. I cherish them greatly despite their short period.

You are someone I am most thankful for this year. I am grateful for all the things you have given and provided me. Especially the simple ones (not that I am not grateful for the grand ones, though), like those calming phone calls. I never thought I would find comfort in talking via phone, you know. Your voice is alluring. I would never mind listening to your rants all day. You are cute.

Although most of the time you fall asleep on me, it is okay.

I hope you know I am vulnerable with you. I do not cover myself in layers of pretense. I am just me. And you love all sides of me no matter what. Perhaps, that is why I can accept myself now. Thank you for embracing me humbly, Finn Zieglerstein. I love you the most. And you know it.

I arrange words into a house of stories.