You remind me of the alluring scent after the rain stops

Congratulations on winning the strongest person of 2020 award, little bear. I do not know how many tears you have shredded this year. This year has been very tough on you. You surely did not deserve any of that. Yet, here you are. You are still standing and fighting bravely. You are charging ahead to see what the future holds for you. I cannot be any prouder. I am sorry for all the things you have to go through. All the encumbrance on your road, you managed to tackle…

This year is a shitshow, but at least it brought me you

Have you ever wondered how we reach this point of friendship?

No lie, I was a little skeptical and afraid of you. Please do not blame me. You are surrounded by the people I prefer not to see ever again (inserts sad face emoji). But you are a seriously fun person. Even though we never really talk about deeper personal things, I hope you know that you have my trust. I am just embarrassed sometimes because, in my view, you are this person on a white horse. I…

The moon cannot do everything alone, thus it is fine to ask for help

Look at what 2020 has brought you. It has brought you so many blessings after the shit you went through last year. I would say, you deserve everything.

I am sorry for being absent from almost all of your events this year. I have not been a very good brother, have I? I hope you would forgive me for this negligence of duty. However, my absence does not lessen the fact that I am so fucking proud of you, dove. You managed to spread your wings…

Amongst all the sunflowers in the garden, you stand out the most

Hello, little baby?

I see that you are doing fine these days. I truly am glad. Though we never really had any discussion regarding each other’s concerns, I hope you know that you can trust me. When you are in need of another perspective about something, I am 24/7 available for you, okay?

I know this year’s earlier event nearly wrecked you. Though you never really said anything, I know. It is amazing that you are still holding on. I hope you will keep holding on until the…

You are the embodiment of sunshine that everyone looks forward to

Thank you for your meaningful letter the other day. It is something that I hold dear. Take this as a reply to your letter, okay?

Mama, I hope you know that no matter how much you fall, I will be there to catch you. You will always be the person to whom I entrust all my secrets. That is how much you mean to me. I believe our bond will not be easily broken, considering what we have been through together.

You will always be on the list of…

Your patience and compassion are your greatest strengths

Thank you for entrusting me with your stories. I cherish each and every moment I go through with you. Thank you for always being one of the very few people who reach out to me when I showcase my negativity. Please know that I grow fonder for you after that. And hey, I know life is not always rainbow and unicorn. It is not always a happy place. However, you have been holding on despite all that. I cannot promise you that life will be any kinder to you because it will…

You’re worth more than all the diamonds in the world.

I hope you do not reject it when someone actually cares for you.

I know you are still afraid of losing them. That is why you put up a very high and thick barrier so you do not get too close to them. I just want to say, I hope you ought to try. You are not a bad friend. You never are. Do not jump to conclusions easily. I hope you know that I, and a lot of others, really love and cherish you genuinely. …

You bloom the prettiest even though it is winter

You are that one red rose in a garden of white roses.

Unique, exquisite, exotic, and one in a million.

It has been a blessed four years that I am given the opportunity to be in your presence. It was a tough work to do, breaking your thick as fuck protective shells. I made it here at last. I made it to be one of the very few people you always bring around whenever you go. Perhaps, I am also one of the very few people who get to witness your…

You, who comes to me like the fresh air of Spring

Our journey unfolds rather in a hasty manner, yet we manage to stay strong until this very day. Do you remember how we began our interaction? It was very silly, I admit. Fortunately for me, you do not mind. The first time we share a blanket, I never imagined it would actually be something of a routine. I was quite skeptical because someone just broke my heart and I was not sure if I were ready to start a new adventure. It is a funny (yet blessed) turnout event…

Credit to the owner (in the picture)

It was a sunny afternoon when Mark finally decided to ask Yeri out.

Mark was very pleased when the girl he really liked agreed to be his girlfriend.

On the first day, it was just pure bliss. They still could not believe that they were lovers now.

On the seventh day, he made her cry. She was upset that he could not treat her right. He apologized. They were happy, for a moment.

On the thirteenth day, she was still upset about his behavior towards her. She cried on their phone call.

On the eighteenth day, they resolved their problem…

Mark Theodore Lee.

I arrange words into a house of stories.

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